Entropy measurably improves marketing impact to accelerate growth.

How we do it

The scope of our engagement depends on your brief, but you will likely come to us when your organisation is undergoing fundamental change, you want to develop your marketing strategy, you feel that its impact is not being maximised, or that your brand is losing its relevance to its target audience.

Our methodology will usually involve these steps:

Diagnostic. We’ll conduct a robust evaluation of your current situation against the brief, including analysis of your current marketing programme and stakeholder feedback.

Design. Working with you and relevant stakeholders we develop recommendations to maximise the impact of your marketing.

Synthesise. We prioritise interventions that can be integrated into your marketing plan to maximise its P&L impact

Operationalise. If required we can also provide project management and coaching to ensure your change programme lands successfully in the business.

Why are we different?

We are proud marketing geeks. We work with some of the best minds in media, content, technology and wider marketing, and will bring together a bespoke team of our specialists best able to address the brief.

We guarantee results. We’ve yet to meet a business that can’t save between 5 and 15% of their marketing spend, without affecting their growth. That’s budget you can reinvest or add straight to your P&L. We prefer to work for a cost-neutral project fee: all the clients who have worked with us on that basis have saved many times more than they paid. Work with us and you will too.

We’ll give you a holistic solution. Many other consultancies work only on media, or creative, or commerce or digital and technology. If that’s what you need we can do that too, of course, but we work across every aspect of modern marketing.

We catalyse positive change. We differ from other consultancies or agencies in believing that to maximise the impact of your marketing often requires tackling wider issues, which brands may struggle to deal with on their own. We believe in playing a key role in driving positive change, to the benefit of our clients, the industry and the wider citizen consumer. You can read about how we do that and what we’ve already done here.

Entropy’s commitment as a trusted advisor

Our ethos is to work with you as a trusted advisor and partner. It is not widely known that very many consultancies have no qualms about taking commissions or referral fees for the recommendations they make to you.
After agency rebates and the digital media supply chain, this is the next transparency scandal waiting to happen. We’ll never do this, and will have a clause in our contract specifically preventing us from doing so. You can be 100% sure that what we are recommending is what we genuinely believe is best for your organisation.

Marketing Case Studies

The initiative is championed by the advertiser trade body ISBA and supported by the Out-Of-Home trade body Outsmart.
Turbocharging Gisou’s digital growth with their 3rd party retailers
Accelerating digital marketing growth for Hagen’s cat category, Catit

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