Free Webinar: Retail Media and Digital Shelf Measurement – Accelerate Your Growth



A webinar for ISBA members on Tuesday 16th May, 10:30am to 11:30am BST.

Everyone is talking about retail media at the moment. It is also making brands focus more attention on how they can maximise their sales across retail sites more broadly.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

How through effective measurement you can accelerate your growth through third party websites.
We are going to focus on:
  • Retail media
  • Digital shelf
  • Auditing your digital shelf to calculate the size of the opportunity
  • How you subsequently can take action


What is retail media?

We quite like this description from Exchangewire:

“Retail media describes advertising sold within digital properties in which products or services are also sold. This typically comprises retailer websites and apps, or online marketplaces, though it can include on-site digital displays such as store entrance screens and in-store signage. Increasingly, retail media also comprises off-site campaigns run by retailers using their shopper data on behalf of third-party brands that have their products listed on the retailer’s page or app.”


What is the digital shelf?
The digital shelf is the online experience and interactions consumers have with your products as they research, compare, and purchase products online including on retail sites. Due to the complexity of online journeys, there are a multitude of data points you can use to effectively measure your digital shelf performance on retail sites and optimise your digital shelf to accelerate growth.


We’ll also be covering:

  • The acceleration of change in ecommerce
  • How you can measure retail media and digital shelf
  • The proliferation & consolidation of digital shelf vendors
  • The value of digital shelf analytics to measure:
    • Availability
    • Content
    • Search
    • Media
  • The need for a holistic approach – setting up your business processes to drive change based on the business insights
  • The importance of selecting the right digital shelf vendor for your business using a RFI or RFP process


Note: You must be client side to register for the webinar.


About the speaker 

Alex Tait, Entropy Founder

Alex Tait, Entropy Founder


Alex is the former Media & Marketing Services Director at Unilever and has also worked client-side in varied senior digital and ecommerce leadership roles including at American Express and Kellogg’s.

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