Amazon Marketing Mix Modelling

Entropy is one of a handful of companies in the UK with access to the Amazon MMM data feed to help you measure and get deeper insights into your investments on Amazon.

Ecommerce continues its rapid evolution. Your own website is now just one of your online sales options. The rise of third-party ecommerce platforms has been followed by new marketing opportunities to support your sales effort, meaning retail media is now the fastest growing marketing channel.

So how do you decide how much to invest in retail media driving sales on Amazon vs media driving direct to your website? Which is more cost-effective, Google PPC or Amazon Search, Facebook, or Amazon display?

Entropy DMMM (Dynamic Marketing Mix Modelling) offers a like for like, privacy safe, performance attribution solution. DMMM allows you to make the right investment decisions across your sales portfolio. Optimise your performance across both your website and Amazon based on the marketing gains you can achieve on each.

DMMM model

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