Ecommerce Strategy
& Consultancy

One of the most common ways we work with businesses is in helping to define and shape their ecommerce strategic plans for sustainable growth.

We work with most types of companies looking to develop and grow their digital presence, but in particular we find that most of our clients fit into two main categories:

Well established brands

Looking to set up or grow more quickly their Direct to Consumer (DTC) digital channels, with a typical question being…

native DTC brands

Looking to expand at rapid pace, usually asking…

We know that no two businesses are the same, so we work in a completely bespoke and flexible way, focused around your business goals – whether that’s designing and developing a full strategic growth programme or smaller projects, such as digital commerce training or helping to assess your current ecommerce set-up.

And our team of ecommerce consultants have typically all worked in senior client side roles before joining Entropy, so we’re well aware of the challenges of driving and embedding new strategic initiatives alongside managing day to day trading.

Our Entropy model of Think > Plan > Do also means that we can also help with the execution of such plans from tech procurement to digital marketing.


Growth: Where
Do I Start?

Supporting established businesses to set up and/or accelerate their digital commerce offering – or even to review if moving DTC is right for them – is probably our most common assignment.  Typical projects of this nature include:

  • Training – creating bespoke training materials and sessions to help educate your wider team in the digital landscape…and to better understand the ecommerce opportunity.
  • Commercials/Forecasting – we can take a deep dive under the bonnet to help understand your company’s future digital growth potential, assessing your business along with market and competitor dynamics.  You can also find out more about our commercial offering here.
  • Digital Vision – we’re very experienced in fully articulating and defining your company’s digital commerce vision as the ideal start point for any future digital change project.
  • Full Ecommerce Strategic Programme – and we also love translating the digital vision into definable steps to create a strategic programme. Typical workstreams for this include: brand positioning, technology review, marketing/growth planning, team structure. Our Digital Commerce page also covers more on our methodology and capabilities here.
  • Organisational Design – we also work with businesses to review their current digital capabilities and design a future solution to enable growth.  And with years of client-side experience behind us, we’ll make sure that our recommendations are pragmatic workable plans that are easily implementable.

Growth: How
Do I Scale?

For business that are further along their digital commerce journey, as well as continuing to assist with the strategic consultancy services outlined above, we also help our clients in the following ways to help accelerate their growth:

  • Digital Procurement and Replatforming – we help companies with all stages of replatforming projects and technology stack updates, with a special focus on the selection and procurement stage.  We have significant experience in pulling together robust business cases for future ecommerce investment across a range of spend levels.
  • Commercial Development – we can help you develop and model new routes to drive significant growth, including subscriptions and internationalisation, along with producing robust future measurable plans.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) – we work with a range of companies on their CRO strategy: both those at the beginning of their CRO journey as well as those with more established strategies looking to squeeze remaining marginal gains out of their customer journey and CRO strategy.
  • CRM Marketing – we help scope out and design all elements of CRM marketing strategy including segmentation, personalisation, email campaign strategy, AB/MVT testing, post-purchase journey and loyalty schemes.
  • Digital Marketing – we manage the full spectrum of digital paid and performance media including PPC, social, affiliates, display and video.

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