Why we're here

Our purpose is to put the trust back into marketing communications.


One of the ways we differ from other consultancies is that we do this for our clients and also by engaging with the wider industry.


  • FOR OUR CLIENTS by maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of their media, content and digital investments.
  • FOR THE INDUSTRY by applying our expertise to act as a catalyst to drive positive change so we:

Industry engagement enables our clients but also the wider ecosystem.


We believe that for many brands to have truly effective and efficient marketing communications we need industry engagement from either them or their peers on a number of important issues. The recent industry issues and narrative around digital supply chain transparency, viewability, brand safety, fraud, data protection and privacy illustrate this well.  These are all areas we specialise in.


We apply our expertise to complement the work of the key trade bodies including ISBA, the IAB, JICWEBS and the AOP.


Some areas of focus for us this year are enabling the industry to move to a trading on viewability model, modernising the regulation of political advertising, exploring options to ensure the sustainability of funding quality journalism through advertising and ensuring female talent gets similar exposure to their male counterparts.


We also apply our advice and mentoring to help accelerate solutions to industry problems via start ups and scale ups. For example, ad verification is a current area of focus for us.

Entropy in fact means the “measurement of order or disorder in a system”. High entropy is disordered and low entropy is ordered. Our objective is to bring clarity and focus to brands' strategies so they work as effectively and efficiently in their media, content and digital ecosystems.


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