Why we’re here

Entropy’s purpose is to maximise trust in marketing and digital commerce by proving and improving their positive impact to our clients, the industry and the citizen consumer.

One of the ways we differ from other consultancies and agencies is by doing this for our clients at the same time as engaging with the wider industry.

We do this:

For our clients by measurably proving and maximising marketing and digital commerce impact to accelerate growth

For the industry by acting as a catalyst for positive change by embedding trust and transparency between stakeholders. So we:

  • Enable marketing and digital commerce to be seen as a growth driver rather than a cost
  • Have a fully transparent trading ecosystem for advertisers
  • Maximise brand safety, minimise fraud and, for brand advertisers, enable trading on viewability
  • Use consumers’ data responsibly.

For the citizen consumer by striving for a responsible approach to marketing and digital commerce in order to minimise any negative impact on society and the environment.

Industry Engagement

We believe that for many brands to enjoy truly effective and efficient marketing and eCommerce we need industry engagement from them and their peers on several important issues. This is well illustrated by such recent industry issues and narratives as the ethics of advertising, digital supply chain transparency, viewability, brand safety, fraud and privacy. These are all areas we specialise in.

We apply our expertise both to advance the interests of the citizen consumer as well as to complement the work of the key marketing and e-commerce industry trade bodies, including the IAA, ISBA and JICWEBS.

Some areas we are focusing on this year are –  Increasing diversity in the eCommmerce and Marketing industry, modernising the regulation of political advertising, and advocating an ethical approach to advertising.

We are a consultancy led by values and purpose. Early in 2017 we set ourselves up with the purpose of putting the trust back into marketing. When we started, this struck a number of people as rather novel. With hindsight, however, it certainly seems to have been on the money, given the trade and wider press coverage the issue has received since then. Various multinational companies started talking about the subject in 2018, and it was the main topic of most of the major industry conferences in 2019.