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The Power of Digital Shelf Optimisation: A Guide to Increasing Sales on Retail Websites

Retail media is a hot topic at the moment but don’t overlook what is usually the biggest opportunity for maximising your sales via third party websites, optimising your digital shelf. Due to the acceleration of ecommerce growth in recent years, more sophisticated brands are putting increasing resources in trying to win on third party websites versus their competitors. So, understanding the levers you need to focus on and optimise has never been more important.


What is the digital shelf?

The digital shelf is the online experience and interactions consumers have with your products as they research, compare, and purchase products online including on retail sites. Due to the complexity of online journeys, there are a multitude of data points that allow businesses to understand the experience a shopper has when interacting with their products on online retailers.

Some examples of elements of the digital shelf are product variation options, images, videos, and descriptions. Combined, these elements are displayed on retailer websites to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions online.


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  • How to assess your digital shelf maturity
  • How to maximise your sales through optimising your digital shelf


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