Digital Procurement & Replatforming

Our client side, agency and data science experts work as part of your team to accelerate delivery against your business KPIs.

The importance of the right technology is vital for any successful digital commerce business, and we help many of our clients navigate the complex digital landscape to ensure they have the right tools to meet their business goals – from reviewing and auditing existing tech stacks to running full discovery and procurement projects for a new ecommerce platform. 

Our team of digital commerce experts all have extensive experience of running such projects from both a client/in-house perspective as well as for Entropy. So we’re well aware of the challenges of fitting in such significant change projects alongside busy day jobs and can help with a lot of the heavy lifting plus a fresh perspective, to help ensure you’re selecting the right technology – and at the right cost. 

Areas where we help with digital procurement and replatforming typically include:   


We can help with all stages of replatforming projects, with a special focus on the selection and procurement stage. Although highly flexible and tailored to each individual client’s needs, typically our replatforming process includes these steps:

  • Discovery – to understand your ecommerce current set-up, top-line future requirements, assemble the project team and produce your initial requirements. 
  • Platform selection – matching up your needs with the best-fit ecommerce platform.  We are fully independent and platform agnostic but have experience with all major ecommerce platforms: Shopify, Big Commerce, Adobe Commerce (previously Magento), WooCommerce etc.  We will use our expert knowledge plus industry contacts to assess the best solution for your organisation, including vendor meetings, demos and scoring on key criteria, through to final selection and contract agreement.
  • Design and build agency selection – finding the best tech agency partner to design and build your new ecommerce platform, usually via a bespoke RFP process, through to final negotiations and selection.
  • Project management, including internal and external stakeholder management – we will work with you to ensure the project runs smoothly, no matter how complex (or simple!) your existing organisational set-up.


We recently ran a webinar specifically on “How to select the right ecommerce platform for your business” – and we’d be very happy to take you through a summary of the content if you contact us.


Technology Stack Audit

Although the ecommerce platform is at the core of any digital ecommerce business, the surrounding tech stack can be equally, if not more, important to drive sustainable sales and profit growth.


We‘ve worked with many clients to review and audit their tech stack in order to assess its suitability to meet future strategic goals.  

Each review is completely bespoke, but as we outlined in our recent “Choosing the right technology to improve your Ecommerce CX” webinar, we always comprehensively review through a variety of lenses, including:

  • Commercial Drivers: costs of existing systems, suitability for new initiatives/markets.
  • Technical Drivers: impacts on website speed/performance, lack of scalability, gaps in existing systems.  
  • Customer & Marketing Drivers: accessibility and ease of analytics, integration with other technologies, customer experience (CX), mobile commerce optimisation.

Digital Procurement

As well as replatform procurement projects, we also run smaller digital procurement projects – often following or hand in hand with a tech stack audit.   

Although the budgets involved with such tools may be smaller, we still follow an equally rigorous process to ensure the right solution for your business.

Entropy’s commitment as a trusted advisor

Our ethos is to work with you as a trusted advisor and partner. It is not widely known that almost all consultancies have no qualms about taking commissions or referral fees for the recommendations they make to you.

After agency rebates and the digital media supply chain, this is the next transparency scandal waiting to happen. We’ll never do this, and will have a clause in our contract specifically preventing it. You can be 100% sure that what we are recommending is what we genuinely believe is best for your organisation, using the best solutions across the market.

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