This has been a business transformation project for a successful B2B business with the largest market share in several pet categories.


The scope of our work has included:
  1. Digital commerce training – provide digital commerce training workshops to most of the key roles in the business
  2. Digital commerce strategy – develop the strategy and go to market plan for the business’s first DTC proposition including
    • A vision and roadmap to enable delivery of the DTC strategy
    • The roadmap included resourcing, process and technology
    • A business model and P&L
    • A communications plan to help KAM’s and Field Sales & Marketing understand how they can leverage the strategy as part of their business strategy and business as usual activities
  3. Since 2019 we’ve also run their customer acquisition and project manage the wider DTC programme within the business.
  4. Following the significant growth achieved in the UK market we’ve subsequently managed their replatfroming onto Shopify across their 6 international markets.


The revenue increase (below) over the first 6 months of deploying the strategy for the business has led to us working on launching another DTC brand and significantly developing their proposition and marketing mix further.

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“Entropy bring a depth of expertise and experience to the conversation that immediately adds insight and credibility. They are a brilliant resource capable of transforming your thinking and enriching the way you approach any knowledge-based project.”
Phil Parkinson
Finance Director
Hagen Group

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