Commercial Development

As well as developing full strategic plans we work with businesses in a very flexible manner to help with a range of commercial development needs as outlined below. 

P&L/KPI Review and Development

We’re equally used to working closely with finance and ecommerce teams to finesse existing P&Ls and forecasting, or starting to develop your ecommerce P&L success metrics from scratch.  Our focus is always on driving profitability and efficiency, which is something we also often cover in our helpful content, such as this free Ecommerce P&L template.

Using the Customer Funnel to Develop your Ecommerce P&L:
Using the Customer Funnel to Develop your Ecommerce P&L:

DTC Subscription Assessment and Development

We work with a range of ecommerce clients, but have a particular focus on Direct To Consumer (DTC) brands – both established brands looking to potentially launch or develop a DTC offering, and native DTC brands looking to scale up quickly. 

We can support you with targeted strategic plans (through to execution where necessary), ranging from assessing whether moving into DTC is actually a correct, profitable move for you, to helping develop and model new routes to drive significant growth, including subscriptions, internationalisation and setting up the right organisational structure. 

Business Cases

We have a wealth of experience in pulling together robust business cases for future ecommerce investment, ranging from lower level spends such as a new email marketing solution or customer reviews provider, right up to new ecommerce platforms. We help many of our clients to create such plans – with a thorough approach that typically includes initial estimated technology and associated costs, forecast benefit uplifts, and ongoing measurability.

You can find out more about how how we can help with Digital Procurement & Replatforming here.

Entropy’s commitment as a trusted advisor

Our ethos is to work with you as a trusted advisor and partner.

It is not widely known that almost all consultancies have no qualms about taking commissions or referral fees for the recommendations they make to you.

After agency rebates and the digital media supply chain, this is the next transparency scandal waiting to happen. We’ll never do this, and will have a clause in our contract specifically preventing it. You can be 100% sure that what we are recommending is what we genuinely believe is best for your organisation, using the best solutions across the market.

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