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A good example of how we work with small and medium business to scale their eCommerce growth is a craft lager brand we started working with at the end of 2020.


Braybrooke Beer Co is a growing craft lager brand that historically distributed to pubs and restaurants so had its business significantly disrupted owing to the restrictions put in place around Covid. Braybrooke set up a basic website at the start of the initial lockdown but with no website or marketing team at the time, they wanted to find a way to scale their Direct To Consumer (DTC) sales through their website. Following an initial short term project to demonstrate to the business the opportunity DTC offers to drive a step change in revenue and profit for the business, Entropy are now working with Braybrooke as a permanent retained partner.  As part of this work, we are developing a new Shopify website for Braybrooke and running their digital marketing.


  • Initial diagnostic to understand more about the business and eCommerce opportunity by interviewing key stakeholders and researching the market.
  • Working with their finance lead to develop a P&L for the Direct To Consumer business clarifying net income for their key products.
  • Identifying “quick fixes” to their existing site in order to maximise the number of visitors that end up buying (known as the “conversion rate”).
  • Running all aspects of their digital marketing including paid search and Product Listing Ads (Google and Bing), display (Facebook and Instagram) and launching their email marketing programme.
  • Subsequently creating a strategic plan for the DTC business (including customer and market research) to help shape Braybrooke’s future website, product, service and marketing proposition.
  • Scoping and launching a new website on Shopify, offering an improved customer experience plus additional functionality and services in order to deliver the new strategic plan and accompanying forecasts.
  • Developing a loyalty programme for them in the form of the Braybrooke lager club. Subscribers received a monthly crate of beer featuring several guest lagers.
This is a good example of how we can work with businesses to show the considerable growth opportunity of eCommerce before they decide to invest further. Usually, once the business case has been demonstrated this initial period will be followed by working with the internal team to develop their wider eCommerce strategy including their website and potentially brand strategy. Each project is bespoke but you can read more about what is involved in our typical eCommerce approach here. Contact us and we’ll talk you through  how we can demonstrate with limited initial investment how you can scale your profit through eCommerce.

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