Digital Commerce

Delivering adaptable digital commerce initiatives for rapid growth

How we do it

When we work with your organisation we’ll deploy a team of specialists to maximise top- and bottom-line growth through your eCommerce programme. We work both with companies which have an established eCommerce presence and with those which have none.

If you don’t already have a significant digital presence, depending on the scope, we can get you up and running to sell online in 6–8 weeks.

If we are developing your eCommerce programme we typically follow these steps:

Diagnostic. We’ll conduct a robust evaluation of your current situation including analysis of your current capability and feedback from stakeholders.

Design. Working with you and relevant stakeholders we’ll develop a roadmap outlining what activities you need to undertake across our three core pillars of
ecommerce: growing demand, conversion and experience, and customer value.

Analyse. We will work with your finance team to develop a supporting business case
and P&L.

Synthesise. We prioritise and finalise your roadmap with key stakeholders so you can integrate the change agenda into your plan.

Operationalise. To ensure the programme is embedded effectively in the business we often project manage, and coach delivery with key stakeholders.

Digital marketing. If it is right for your organisation, we can also run all aspects of digital marketing to drive rapid growth for our clients.

Why are we different?

We are a one-stop shop. Our team of bespoke experts can remove the hassle and complexity of setting up your digital marketing and / or developing your site. We’ll select a team to complement the skills and capability you already have in your organisation. Ask us to take you through some case studies.

We’ll embed change in your organisation.
Change programmes often don’t succeed as they don’t have the right support. If it is right for your business, our digital marketing team can run your digital acquisition channels, including PPC, Facebook and Amazon.

Your organisation’s capability is crucial to the long term success of your brand. We can upskill your organisation with bespoke training and coaching programmes covering all aspects of digital commerce.

We test, test, test. Whether you have an existing eCommerce programme or want to set one up from scratch, we understand how important it is for you to move at pace.

We adopt a LEAN approach to working with your business, which mitigates risk to you. Read more about the LEAN business model here.

We catalyse positive change. We differ from other consultancies or agencies in believing that to maximise the impact of your marketing or ecommerce will often require tackling wider issues, which brands may struggle to deal with on their own.

We believe in playing a key role in driving positive change, to the benefit of our clients, the industry and the wider citizen consumer. You can read about how we do that and what we’ve already done here.

Entropy’s commitment as a trusted advisor

Our ethos is to work with you as a trusted advisor and partner. It is not widely known that very many consultancies have no qualms about taking commissions or referral fees for the recommendations they make to you.

After agency rebates and the digital media supply chain, this is the next transparency scandal waiting to happen. We’ll never do this, and will have a clause in our contract specifically preventing us from doing so. You can be 100% sure that what we are recommending is what we genuinely believe is best for your organisation.

Digital Commerce Case Studies

This has been a business transformation project for a successful B2B business with the largest market share in several pet categories.
A good example of how we work with small and medium business to scale their eCommerce growth is a craft lager brand we started working with at the end of 2020.
Freesat is a digital satellite TV service offering over 200 channels and popular On Demand services. The business is backed by ITV and the BBC.

What our clients say