We work with a range of clients on their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) marketing strategy. 

Understanding your customers and getting the right message to them at the right time is crucial to driving customer engagement and loyalty. 

What is a CRM marketing strategy? ​

A CRM marketing strategy looks at your customer base and segments them to enable the delivery of relevant and tailored messaging. Having multiple touchpoints along the customer lifecycle journey helps your business drive customer engagement, loyalty, and retention.  

Our team of digital commerce experts have extensive client-side experience so we know what it’s like to deliver CRM programmes. The day-to-day management and execution of CRM programmes can be time consuming, which leaves little time for strategic thinking and thought-leadership.


Areas where we can help with CRM marketing typically include:


We work with you to understand your business and goals to develop a CRM strategy fit for your business. This includes conducting interviews with key stakeholders, understanding your business drivers and KPIs (key performance indicators), and assessing your current situation (e.g. performance, tools, processes). We like to take a data-driven approach, so any analytics that you are comfortable sharing would help strengthen our insights. 

With the insights about your business, we identify the areas of opportunities and develop a roadmap that is achievable, actionable, and targeted to deliver against your KPIs.

Loyalty programme
strategy and modelling

Loyalty programmes are one of the most effective ways to retain customers and grow customer spend. Whether you are interested in launching a new loyalty or referral programme, we assess the competitive landscape and develop a loyalty strategy that works within your business’s financials. We also develop a marketing strategy to promote your loyalty or referral programme because we know that just launching the programme is not enough – you have to make noise about it.

of CRM tools

You need to have the right tools in place to run a seamless and automated CRM marketing strategy. We’ve worked with many clients to review and audit their tech stack and we can review your CRM tool(s) to assess its suitability for your long-term growth. Every business is different so we look at 3 main factors to determine the right platform for you: 

  • Commercial Drivers: costs and suitability for new initiatives/markets.
  • Technical Drivers: features, scalability, and integration with other tools.
  • User & Marketing Drivers: usability, and accessibility and ease of analytics

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