Digital Commerce

“Digital Commerce” is a term increasingly being used to describe the intersection between eCommerce retail and supporting functions such as Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Data, Analytics and Finance.

As we all know technology is changing the face of retail, with emerging technologies in the shoppers’ hands, on their wristwatches, or as part of some other connected device. As almost one in four online purchases are now made on smartphones, consumers expect seamless customer experiences online and offline. In addition to personal devices, the Internet of Things and AI will automate the entire shopping process with in-home devices such as SMART appliances and Voice-assisted devices both serving information and collecting data to help complete a frictionless shopper journey.

Digital commerce is a more holistic way of operating in the connected world we live in. Employing a digital commerce approach allows you to generate demand, enhance customer experience by gathering first-party data, and optimise at every point across the value chain.

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