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Organisational change in marketing: context specific insight and valuing the undervalued

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Alex Tait

Prior to launching Entropy Alex led the UK & Ireland Media & Marketing Services team at Unilever where he managed the Marketing Services team and was responsible for communications planning across their portfolio.


Organisational change in marketing: context specific insight and valuing the undervalued


Change can be tiring for an organisation’s employees. When we read and are told about the 60-70% of organisational change programmes that fail it can add to the fatigue for some. Yet we know that the cliché is true that “change is a constant” and in today’s business environment we need to change faster than our environment. Our belief is that change when managed and enabled in the right way can demonstrate why it is one of the most exciting times to work in marketing.


We believe that most organisations can save 5-15% on their media, content and digital spend with no negative impact on their growth. We also work with internal teams to put in place steps to significantly accelerate growth.


However, with any recommendations we provide we are acutely aware of the change programme statistic mentioned above. To full realise the growth and efficiencies we identify needs them to be implemented effectively.


Today it’s not hard to find a solid change methodology and most of us are aware we should be applying one.  Unfortunately in the critical times of change, when we’re both fixing and flying the plane, there is a reduced probability that the change resources or the skills are on hand internally.  And we can’t outsource the change process or we’ll add to the failure statistics for another reason.


Entropy’s belief in its recommendations means we are keen to facilitate a client’s change process.  To support a participative, iterative change process that maximises the resource that is released and committed internally. There are two distinct ways we can help.


  1. Organisational design in this context


Marketing and sales is now a complex area, with new roles and evolving digital practices, ever more interdependent internal teams and collaboration needed with and between multiple external agencies. Phew! We specialise our consultancy in this area and have experience of working in some of the world’s best marketing departments.   When we help you design your organisation we consider the people, processes and systems regardless of where the boundaries of the organisation nominally fall.  Our goal is a coherent, effective ecosystem, where we’ve removed the collaboration pain points and helped put the right people in the right place.    We want to help your retention and recruitment challenge, not add to it.


  1. Project management and the right change tools.


If in our opinion implementation is often the poor cousin of development, we also think that project management and the role of project manager is similarly undervalued.     It may be that your culture supports great project practice, but it not, or if you’re short of resource we can help.  An Entropy Project Manager will help you plan and execute the change.  They will both empower and hold accountable your internal resource, knowing that they are facilitating and not owning the change.   Great project management keeps the task on track and great change management makes sure the human system is shifting in harmony.   Our consultant team and project managers will help you design and deliver the people side of the change, picking the tools that suit your context and fit with our participative, iterative principles.


So whilst we are not claiming these are the most original observations and parts of our proposition at the same time our experience has told us that doing the apparently obvious, is often extremely difficult.  We want to help realise improvements we identify, talk to us about how we could support you.

Contact us to find out more. However, before you do so hear from some of our clients. We can provide more references on request.

  • "The Entropy team are a pleasure to work with, their experience and insight is always valuable and they have a great passion for the work they do." Fiona Spooner, Global Marketing Director, Financial Times

  • "GDPR is a tough subject to understand but Entropy’s full day workshop was informative and made clear what was expected of us in order to be compliant. The scenarios really helped us to apply GDPR to our own situation and business. I would recommend Entropy to any company that’s looking to gain not only a broader understanding of GDPR, but its implications for their business.” Holly Hall, Managing Director, BIMA (British Interactive Media Association)

  • “Alex Tait has been very involved with ISBA on a variety of issues at the forefront of our agenda over the years, most recently as an advisor and previously as chair our Digital Action Group and valued member of our Executive Committee.” Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA – The Voice of British Advertisers

  • “Entropy have provided very effective and hands-on support. You have been a fantastic addition to the team in the past few months and brought invaluable media expertise. It has been a pleasure working with you. A big thanks from all of us.” Emmanuelle Grimbert, Marketing Director, Danone


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