We’ve made Entropy’s virtual conference “Digital Commerce For The New Decade” free for lockdown 2.0

Find out here how Entropy can help accelerate your growth in a Covid-19 environment through eCommerce training, consultancy and digital marketing.

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To access your FREE ticket enter the code ENTROPY4GROWTH in the promo box on the checkout page and then click “apply”.

Please do forward this page on to any person or business that you think might find eCommerce inspiration useful as we head into a period of further global restrictions to combat Covid.

You can access the conference site here.

Entropy put on what we think was the first virtual marketing or eCommerce conference in the UK in the first global lockdown. We’ve made it free for everyone as much of the world experiences its second as the eCommerce inspiration it was seeking to provide is just as relevant to businesses looking to drive growth now. 

As I mentioned at the time it wasn’t an easy event to put on. We’d planned it be a physical event in the Soho Hotel, then changed it to be filmed in a studio, then when lockdown struck we had to make the remaining sessions virtual. In addition to all of that three of the participants we touched by Covid too. 

So thanks to everyone that took part as the content was fantastic. We were given advice by quite a few people to move it back to September or October when everything would “be back to normal”. That seems to be what every event did which is why we’ve just had 2 months of back to back virtual conferences!

Looking back on it though our mid-planning pivot to virtual meant I don’t think it could have been more topical. 

You can watch the trailer below and access all the sessions On Demand.

The full list of sessions are:
• Fiona Spooner, Global Marketing Director, B2C at Financial Times
• Amy Winchester, Head of Publicity, Unbound 
• Edzard van der Wyck, Co-Founder at Sheep Included 
• Eleanor Barlow, Director Digital & Data, HSBC 
• Keng Zhing Ng, Asia Digital Ecommerce Expansion Director, RB 
• Marta Vilella-Vila, Client Partner, Foresight Factory 
• Katie Stotter, &us 
• Jane Smith, Director, Data Products, GSK 
• Seb Joseph chairing a panel discussion with 
– Phil Livingstone, Global Digital Marketing Director, The Body Shop 
– Sille Opstrup, Pernod Ricard, Head of Digital, Connections and Content 
– Zena Tuitt, Publisher, KOL Social 
• Paul Frampton in conversation with Jane Evans, Founder of the Uninvisibility Project

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