Watch our series of interviews with eCommerce leaders as we (hopefully) come out of lockdown

It is a year after we put on the UK’s first virtual eCommerce or marketing conference as we went into the first lockdown Digital Commerce For The New Decade featuring a diverse range of brands including, the FT, GSK, Pernod Ricard and Unbound.

And it has certainly been a busy year for Entropy as we’ve helped various clients accelerate their growth through eCommerce as they’ve had to adapt  to the new reality.

So as we (hopefully) come out of the Covid period we thought it would be interesting to  speak with eCommerce leaders about how they’ve changed their eCommerce strategies to come out the other side.

To get a diverse range of perspectives we’ll be speaking with founder led scale up Direct To Consumer brands as well as larger more established brands.

The first is a really interesting fashion brand Beaudurof who bucked the trend over lockdown and opened their first physical store in the UK just before Christmas. Their co-founder Jacqueline Gilbert describes how “their online sales rocketed”.

Watch a 2 minute clip from the interview above.

You can watch the full interview on our Youtube channel.

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