Free Webinar: Select The Right Ecommerce Platform For Your Business


As eCommerce technologies continue to rapidly advance, and consumer demands and expectations also evolve, businesses need to move away from legacy builds to ensure that they are futureproofing their online revenue.

There are many reasons why now is the right time to think about your core eCommerce platform and whether you’re set up for change and growth. We explored these themes as well as the below in this webinar.

We discussed:

  • All the factors to consider when selecting a new eCommerce platform; from understanding your business’ eCommerce goals, through to key considerations such as existing tech integrations,  selecting the right external partners plus how to set up for success internally.
  • A step by step guide that will help you start the replatforming journey.
  • A structured, strategic and streamlined approach to any replatforming project.


About the speaker 

Jim Clear has a wealth of client side experience from his career before Entropy to draw on around this topic where he has worked in a diverse range of eCommerce and digital leadership roles.

He has worked in several leadership roles in the Argos eCommerce team as well as at other omnichannel organisations across different sectors including Bupa and Wyevale Garden Centres.

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