Free webinar: solutions to attribution in a post -cookie world


10:00 – 11:00 OR 15:00 -16:00 GMT, Wednesday, 20th April

Due to the phasing out of the cookie and Apple’s privacy changes you need to change how you are measuring the sales and ROI driven by digital marketing.

However, there is a new technique in media measurement that allows you to get an accurate attribution of all the channels you use in the post-cookie world. We are calling it Dynamic Marketing Mix Modelling (DMMM).

Come and hear us talk about this pioneering development. We presented it last week with the advertiser trade body ISBA to some of the largest advertisers in the UK. To say the least it has had a very positive reception.

Due to demand, and to cater to different time zones, we are running two FREE webinars on April 20th where we will be showing you how it works. Join us at 10am or 3pm GMT to hear about the latest econometric methodology in attribution and media measurement.

If you aren’t available for either session and you’d like to learn about it get in touch and we’d be happy to take you through how it can help you maximise your ROI.

Traditional MMM usually takes 3-4 months for data collection and presentation back to the client. Our tool is set up to allow an always on refresh of attributed sales. It provides insights such as:

  • Diminishing returns by media channel
  • Channel headroom and scalability
  • Optimisation recommendations – how to change the mix for best effect.


Due to the nature of the methodology it is private by design with no requirement for PII, individual log level data, cookies or pixel data.


With privacy changes to iOs devices and the phasing out of the cookie digital attribution won’t work in the way it has for brands previously. Dynamic MMM offers a way for brands to use some of the techniques used historically for “traditional MMM” but at the speed of eCommerce.

We’ll show you how the tool will allow you in a cost effective way to understand sales attribution across your full media mix (including the full range of digital channels you use but also non-digital channels such as TV, OOH, radio etc).

We’ll present several case studies to show the benefit to your organisation of adopting this methodology.

This event is aimed at advertisers that 

o    Want a more accurate way of understanding digital attribution.
o    Haven’t been able to justify internally the cost of MMM / econometrics historically.
o    Want a less expensive and quicker form of MMM.

About the presenter

Alex Tait is the Founder of Entropy. Prior to setting up the business Alex had senior marketing and digital roles at brands including American Express, Kellogg’s and The Post Office. Most recently Alex was the Media & Marketing Services Director at Unilever.

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