A Manifesto For Ethical Ads

Entropy is a founding member of the Conscious Advertising Network. In a nutshell, CAN’s mission is to stop advertising abuse, by highlighting the conscious choices advertisers and agencies can make to ensure good practice. CAN has presented its vision for advertising twice at the United Nations.

Across all sectors of the advertising industry, modern technology has advanced so quickly that ethics haven’t been able to keep up. CAN wants to change that.

Now more than ever, brands, agencies and adtech are perfectly placed to consciously change both the way they operate and the content they produce, resulting in communication that is better for all. That’s why CAN has developed a set of six manifestos which can be integrated into your agency brief.

Entropy’s view is that CAN may not be right for every organisation and brand. However, with increasing adoption over the coming months the manifestos represent a powerful driving force for positive change in the industry and across the internet.

You can read CAN’s 6 manifestos on their site here.

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