Entropy Takes Part in ISBA’s 2024 Partner Predictions

Entropy Takes Part in ISBA’s 2024 Partner Predictions

It was a pleasure for Entropy to take part in ISBA‘s 2024 partner predictions. 

As we head into 2024, Entropy’s founder Alex predicts that “many of the challenges we faced in 2023 will continue into 2024. When I was client side, I chaired ISBA’s Digital group for 5 years. Measurement was the main priority of members in almost every annual survey. If we were to run a similar survey this year, I’d expect a similar result. 

Clients will continue to grapple with well documented challenges such as: the transition to GA4; and the phasing out of the 3P cookie. Whilst also needing to develop best practice for the measurement of rapidly growing paid channels such as Retail Media and PMax.

We should support and applaud industry efforts such as project Origin to measure and standardise audience delivery data. Smart advertisers will also look to leverage these data as inputs into analysis to understand the impact on business outcomes (critical as economic turbulence continues). I predict that we will see a greater demand by advertisers for the right data to be used as inputs into their models, such as the Entropy & Outsmart OOH data standard.

Only by combining the right inputs with the right measurement solutions can we understand the TRUE impact of the media plan.”

Other predictions

We shared our view alongside Alchemists, Appraise, Claire Randall Consulting, Financial Progression, ID Comms, Kepler, Media.Monks, MediaSense, PwC and Tag. The key themes from some of the other predictions for 2024 include: 

  • The ascent of generative AI
  • Strategic insight and upskilling
  • Future proofing your production ecosystem
  • Retail Media Networks
  • Deprecation of third party cookies
  • Personalisation

Read the full 2024 ISBA Partner Predictions.

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