Direct To Consumer (DTC) eCommerce

At Entropy we work with established and start-up and scale-up organisations.

Within both these groups of organisations many people are getting excited about direct-to-consumer marketing – but many are also getting it wrong. Here’s why: as with almost any trend in business, there is certainly something to it, but there is also a lot of hype.

As with any trend, it’s often misunderstood by various journalists and commentators, who write too generically about it – missing some crucial nuances. Companies with a vested interest in selling a product or service associated with the trend then do their best to whip up even more excitement. At this point, senior leadership in more established companies start asking questions of their teams about their DTC strategies. Marketing and sales people often end up confused, scrambling to identify what will drive business value fastest.

Does this sound like your business in relation to DTC? And how do you know whether DTC really is right for you?

The starting point for any DTC brand is that it should deliver on a specific problem or consumer tension point that the DTC business model helps to resolve. As with all brands, the best DTC businesses are clear on their proposition – and it may not always be the case that DTC is the solution. Either way, Entropy is here to help you find out.

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