Digital and eCommerce Training Courses

Optimising digital and eCommerce capability has become critical to the success of any commercial organisation. Entropy can deliver all the elements needed for an outstanding training course.

We recently gave an eCommerce training course to a B2B business Hagen which is the market leader in several petcare categories in the UK. This led to us developing their Direct To Consumer strategy and running their digital marketing to help them drive rapid growth for the business. We are on course to deliver significant incremental profit for the business this year.

Below are some testimonials from the business and example course outlines.

Example eCommerce and Digital Training Course Outline

The following is an example of the topics covered in a recent digital training course we delivered:

Module 1

Introduction to digital commerce

•       What is digital commerce?

•       Digital commerce as the main force of growth for retail

•       The role of digital in the consumer & shopper journey

•       Digital vs bricks ‘n mortar – a different playing field

•       The language of digital commerce

Module 2

Winning the consumer journey and digital

•       The omnichannel consumer

•       Zero Moment of Truth

•       Digital media

•       Creating the right content across the consumer journey

•       Search

•       Leveraging reviews

•       Creating the right assets for omnichannel

Module 3

Driving conversion at the digital point of purchase

•       7 omnichannel assets

•       Digital 5 P’s

Module 4

Planning to influence the digital customer

•       Bricks ‘n mortar versus digital customer management

•       The digital business plan

•       Digital gap analysis

•       Selling the digital idea

All our courses are bespoke for the audience in question but these are two examples of training courses we offer aimed at both a marketing and sales audience respectively. 

Essential digital marketing and eCommerce skills

Essential Digital Marketing skills provides marketing managers with the essential skills required to leverage digital to optimise brand performance. This programme is geared to providing delegates with a clear understanding of what eCommerce is, its language, and to develop their skills in deploying digital to influence consumers, shoppers and customers.

Essential Digital Key Account Managers (KAM) Skills

Essential Digital KAM skills provides account managers with the essential skills required to engage in productive digital conversations with key customers.

This programme is geared to providing KAM’s with a clear understanding of what eCommerce and digital commerce is, its language, and to develop their skills in planning to influence brand performance at the digital point of purchase.

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