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Dan Rimmer

Dan is a respected econometrician and analytics leader with more than 18 years of experience.


Dan spent the first 7 years of his career at Gain Theory (ohal), one of the most established and biggest marketing mix modelling agencies globally.  Whilst there, he led projects for some of the world’s best known brands in FMCG/CPG, Retail, Telecoms and Leisure.  This was followed by 10 years at Kellogg’s, where Dan was Director of Marketing Effectiveness and Business Analytics for Europe, Middle East and Russia.

Digital attribution modelling services


Despite the benefits of alternative attribution methodologies that have been talked about for well over a decade now many brands still use last click. If you don’t know what attribution methodology you are using in all likelihood you will be using last click too.


Last click attribution


Whilst it is in many ways the simplest form of digital attribution the most common criticism is that it over rewards “lower funnel” marketing channels ie activity nearer to the point of purchase such as PPC or affiliates. This can mean organisations significantly under invest in “upper funnel” activities such as display or video. Many advertisers substantially change their media mix when they adopt alternate models. For example, within direct response digital marketing activity we’ve come across many advertisers that have reallocated up to 4 times the original attribution of sales on display activity by moving away from a last click model. This has of course subsequently led them to re-evalaute how much investment they put against these channels.


It may seem obvious to state but ultimately you can drive significantly more revenue, sales and profit but measuring your marketing more accurately. The fact that more advertisers work on last click than don’t demonstrates how you can gain competitive advantage by evaluating and testing the right model for your organisation.


As an illustration only we’ve highlighted some attribution rules you can consider below:


  1. All impressions considered

Re-attribute all unreferred sales that have media* impressions prior to sale.


  1. Recency

Re-attribute unreferred applications with media impressions within a certain time period prior to sale.


  1. Repeatedness

Reattribute unreferred applications with >2 impressions prior to sale.


  1. Product Relevance

Re-attribute all unreferred sales with at least 1 relevant impression prior to sale .


  1. Product Relevance + Recency

Re-attribute all unreferred sales with at least 1 relevant impressions 48 hours prior to sale.


We’ve advised and implemented attribution models for many brands including the current attribution model used for the digital marketing of American Express globally.


Contact us and we’ll walk you through the process of how you can select the model right for your brand.


Marketing mix modelling (econometrics)


Most brands with a reasonable amount of spend on media and advertising should consider using marketing mix modelling (also known as econometrics or MMM) to measure all channels. You can read about how we can help you evaluate if this is right for your organisation here.



Contact us to find out more. However, before you do so hear from some of our clients. We can provide more references on request.

  • "The Entropy team are a pleasure to work with, their experience and insight is always valuable and they have a great passion for the work they do." Fiona Spooner, Global Marketing Director, Financial Times

  • "GDPR is a tough subject to understand but Entropy’s full day workshop was informative and made clear what was expected of us in order to be compliant. The scenarios really helped us to apply GDPR to our own situation and business. I would recommend Entropy to any company that’s looking to gain not only a broader understanding of GDPR, but its implications for their business.” Holly Hall, Managing Director, BIMA (British Interactive Media Association)

  • “Alex Tait has been very involved with ISBA on a variety of issues at the forefront of our agenda over the years, most recently as an advisor and previously as chair our Digital Action Group and valued member of our Executive Committee.” Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA – The Voice of British Advertisers

  • “Entropy have provided very effective and hands-on support. You have been a fantastic addition to the team in the past few months and brought invaluable media expertise. It has been a pleasure working with you. A big thanks from all of us.” Emmanuelle Grimbert, Marketing Director, Danone


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