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Evolve your in-house vs agency resourcing, management of technology, processes and digital supply chain vendors

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Alex Tait

Alex and the wider team have evolved the marketing ecosystems of various diverse global and local brands. In addition prior to Entropy his experience  includes leading and managing similar projects such as in-housing aspects of marketing at American Express and Unilever where he worked as UK & Ireland Marketing Services Director.

Marketing Organisation and Marketing Ecosystem design services

How to set up and manage your marketing ecosystem is one of the hot topics clients are talking to us about at present.


We believe that most organisations can save 5-15% on their media, content and digital spend with no negative impact on their growth. We also work with internal teams to put in place steps to significantly accelerate growth. We believe developing the right model for your marketing ecosystem is a key foundation of maximising effectiveness and efficiency in modern marketing communications.


In-housing vs outsourcing?


Debbie Morrison, Director of Consultancy and Best Practice at the UK ad trade body ISBA mentioned this week that their research suggests 40% of clients are in-housing agency activities. Whilst the Wall Street Journal also mentioned this week that in the USA 40% of clients now have an in-house agency “as marketers look for more effective and cost-efficient ad models”.


Some of the rationale cited in the WSJ article align with what we’ve found. “More than one-quarter of respondents said the greatest advantage of having an internal agency was “knowledge of the brand,” while 20% said the greatest advantage was the group’s “knowledge of the business.” A number of respondents also selected “cost effectiveness” and “speed,” with fewer selecting categories such as “confidentiality” and “dedicated resources.”


The figure the WSJ cites probably needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as the study was conducted by Forrester and the In-house Agency Forum (a US in-house trade body) but there is certainly a clear trend in both markets and in fact globally.


Evolve the marketing ecosystem and model that is right for your organisation


The reality is that there isn’t one right model for a brand, but with a few exceptions as ever to maximise your ROI, full in-housing or full outsourcing is rarely the best option.


A holistic approach to your people, process and technology


An integrated approach to how you manage a business is hardly new but with non linear consumer journeys and media fragmentation it has never been more important to be joined up as a business. The trends around integrating or more closely aligning sales and marketing and digital commerce in CPG / FMCG is certainly symptomatic of this. We’ll help you benchmark the latter which you can read about at the above link.


What is newer for many organisations is how they are setting up and managing their marketing ecosystems in a much more holistic way across their in-house vs agency management of technology, digital supply chain vendors, processes and resourcing.


We’ll work with stakeholders in your business to develop the model that is right for you, supported by a business case to demonstrate impact on your P&L. Areas we’ll cover are:


  • Digital supply chain vendor audit, RFP and recommendation
  • Maximising agency engagement and performance
  • In-house and agency resourcing
    • Should you in house aspects of creative / production and media?
    • Resourcing across internal, agency and platform teams
  • Tech stack vendor assessment and selection
  • Ownership of data
  • Setting up the optimal resourcing and governance model across central and local market teams


We’ve developed a proprietary diagnostic tool to guide you through the process of what’s right for your brand. Contact us via the form below for more information.

Contact us to find out more. However, before you do so hear from some of our clients. We can provide more references on request.

  • "The Entropy team are a pleasure to work with, their experience and insight is always valuable and they have a great passion for the work they do." Fiona Spooner, Global Marketing Director, Financial Times

  • "GDPR is a tough subject to understand but Entropy’s full day workshop was informative and made clear what was expected of us in order to be compliant. The scenarios really helped us to apply GDPR to our own situation and business. I would recommend Entropy to any company that’s looking to gain not only a broader understanding of GDPR, but its implications for their business.” Holly Hall, Managing Director, BIMA (British Interactive Media Association)

  • “Alex Tait has been very involved with ISBA on a variety of issues at the forefront of our agenda over the years, most recently as an advisor and previously as chair our Digital Action Group and valued member of our Executive Committee.” Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA – The Voice of British Advertisers

  • “Entropy have provided very effective and hands-on support. You have been a fantastic addition to the team in the past few months and brought invaluable media expertise. It has been a pleasure working with you. A big thanks from all of us.” Emmanuelle Grimbert, Marketing Director, Danone


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