Digital commerce / eCommerce talent pool

About Entropy

Entropy is a global marketing consultancy and digital commerce one-stop shop. We work with brands across a variety of sectors.

We provide a mix of eCommerce consultancy and digital marketing in order to provide rapid growth for our clients. You can read about how we do that here.

We also always work to our client’s business KPIs rather than the secondary metrics many agencies focus on. Dependent on what they need we’ll do everything from developing their P&L, CRM, website, promotional strategy to running their PPC, paid social and display. We even recently helped develop a beer club!

What is our talent pool?

We are looking for the best talent in eCommerce to join our team as we grow over the coming year. If we aren’t recruiting for a relevant position we’ll have an initial informal conversation with you to explain more about Entropy and the type of roles we offer. Then as we are recruiting, as clients come on board or other opportunities develop, we’ll get in touch to discuss them with you.

We offer a highly flexible working environment with a mix of full-time employees and associate consultants.


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