We’ve launched a new resource for female marketing speakers, marketing-speakers.com

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We’ve launched a new resource for female marketing speakers, marketing-speakers.com.

Subsequent to setting up ecommerce-speakers.com it later emerged that one of the biggest marketing conferences in Europe DMEXCO had a staggering 19 manels (as well as I’ve been told a 79: 19 male : female gender split for panels and presenters). 

I wrote this article about it. I’m of the firm belief that in 2019 no conference should have any manels. After approaching the conference they said it was too late to find additional panelists so I put another post on linkedin to help. Marketing-speakers.com was born to host the responses I got as a sister resource to eCommerce-speakers.com for event organisers. 

Within a day it had 70 very talented female speakers on the site.

It went semi viral also after my original post was taken up by Catherine Meyer (the leader of the Women’s Equality Party), Cindy Gallop and various other people in the advertising industry including Paul Framp. They looped in the headliners including Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales into the conversation to address the issue. 

The result? Jimmy Wales kindly donated £15K to Glass Voices an “organisation that aims to empower women to pursue leadership roles in society and amplifying their voices in the public sphere.” DMEXCO didn’t make a statement as far as we are aware it came from Jimmy Wales after he raised the issue with them as a headliner at the conference. Well good to respond in some way to the issue and we also assume that it means they are aiming for 0 manels in 2020…

Please contact us if you’d like to be included on either site and we’ll add you to the list. Also if you’ve suggestions of other speakers that you think should be included please do send them on to us. With their permission we’ll add them to the site too. 

Here’s hoping this plays a small part in manel prevention going forward!

You can see the list of eCommerce speakers here and Marketing speakers here

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