We’ve launched a new resource for female eCommerce speakers, eCommerce-speakers.com

We’ve set up a basic site for female eCommerce speakers ecommerce-speakers.com .

If you know someone who is an eComm superstar who you would recommend for speaking opportunities – or if you yourself would like to be included – feel free to forward on their details to me and we’ll add them to the site.

It came about from my attempt to get female eCommerce speakers for a panel I was chairing at DTC London (that took place on 18th July).

I was keen to avoid a manel (male only panel). I posted the request on linkedin and was somewhat taken aback with the response – around 20K views and 90+ comments or suggestions…

I’ve included the people that were suggested to me on their site and have included a link to their linkedin profile.

If you’d like your details taken off let me know.

Here’s to playing a small part in manel prevention.

Alex Tait.

P.S. Please do forward it on to relevant people.

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