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We maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing and commerce investments. 

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Alex Tait

About the author: prior to launching Entropy Alex led the UK & Ireland Media & Marketing Services team at Unilever where was responsible for communications planning across their portfolio.

Our team of specialists have diverse and market leading experience across sectors and markets.

Transform your marketing, media, content, digital and commerce programme


We’ve yet to meet a business that can’t save between 5 and 15% of their marketing spend without affecting their growth. That’s budget you can reinvest or add straight to your P&L.


We prefer to work for a cost neutral project fee: all the clients who have worked with us on that basis have saved many times more than they paid. Work with us and you will too.


Maximising growth


Central to what we do is working with you to accelerate your growth by identifying steps that can maximise the effectiveness of your spend. Many other consultancies work only on media, or creative, or digital and technology or commerce but we work across every aspect of modern marketing.


How do we do it?


Typically a project will start when clients want to supplement their own or their organisation’s internal change agenda. Or when they are considering in-housing, developing their digital commerce proposition or when they feel certain aspects of their internal teams or agencies could be enhanced, or when they are thinking of going a pitch for one of their agencies.


Our approach is bespoke to each client’s needs and often starts with a diagnostic. This may include:



The right model for your marketing ecosystem


A key enabler for maximising ROI in modern marketing is finding the right model for optimising your marketing ecosystem’s performance. Most clients we speak to are rightly thinking about that, or are in the process of evaluating it. Options we commonly advise on are whether to in-house or outsource creative or media; agency selection; ways of working; process development; and how local and central marketing  teams can work together more effectively.


We’ll be able to suggest the model that is right for your brand. As part of the exercise we can also help realign or restructure your marketing team to maximise your ecosystem’s overall impact.


Embedding increased performance for the long term


Our founder Alex Tait set up Entropy after observing that, for a variety of reasons, many brands lack the internal capability or capacity to maximise the ROI from their marketing ecosystem.


Once we’ve worked with you to modernise and maximise the ROI from your spend we can help to develop your marketing teams’ skills and capability. We don’t want to be in there for the long term: our aim is to enable your own team to embed a step change in performance.


Practitioner focus


All our consultants have extensive practical experience. We don’t employ career consultants. We like to think we approach every problem the way we’d have approached it when we were in your shoes!




It is not widely known that very many consultancies have no qualms about taking commissions or referral fees for the recommendations they make to you. After agency rebates and the digital media supply chain, this is the next transparency scandal waiting to happen. We’ll never do this, and will have a clause in our contract specifically preventing us from doing so. You can be 100% sure that what we are recommending is what we genuinely believe is best for your organisation.


Putting trust back into marketing


We are a consultancy led by values and purpose. Early in 2017 we set ourselves up with the purpose of putting the trust back into marketing. When we started, this struck a number of people as rather novel . With hindsight, however, it certainly seems to have been on the money, given the trade and wider press coverage the issue has received since then.


Our core focus is to ensure that this mission is applied to our own clients, enabling them to maximise the ROI from their spend. Also to help them get their budget seen within their organisations as a growth driver rather than just a cost. Among the ways we differ from other consultancies is that, in order to fully deliver, we engage with the industry. We apply our expertise as a catalyst to drive positive change. You can read more about that and the initiatives we are involved in here.

Convinced? Before you get in touch hear from some of our clients across a range of client and industry projects we’ve worked on:

  • "The Entropy team are a pleasure to work with, their experience and insight is always valuable and they have a great passion for the work they do." Fiona Spooner, Global Marketing Director, Financial Times

  • "GDPR is a tough subject to understand but Entropy’s full day workshop was informative and made clear what was expected of us in order to be compliant. The scenarios really helped us to apply GDPR to our own situation and business. I would recommend Entropy to any company that’s looking to gain not only a broader understanding of GDPR, but its implications for their business.” Holly Hall, Managing Director, BIMA (British Interactive Media Association)

  • “Alex Tait has been very involved with ISBA on a variety of issues at the forefront of our agenda over the years, most recently as an advisor and previously as chair our Digital Action Group and valued member of our Executive Committee.” Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA – The Voice of British Advertisers

  • “Entropy have provided very effective and hands-on support. You have been a fantastic addition to the team in the past few months and brought invaluable media expertise. It has been a pleasure working with you. A big thanks from all of us.” Emmanuelle Grimbert, Marketing Director, Danone


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