We’ll give £500 to charity if you refer a business that needs help due to Covid

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With England’s new 4 week lockdown starting tomorrow many businesses are again under pressure to review how they can drive growth for their businesses in the run up to Christmas. 

If you know an SME or larger business that needs advice or help in maximising their growth through eCommerce ask them to get in touch with Entropy. 

We’ve been delivering rapid eCommerce growth initiatives throughout 2020. 

If we end up working with them we’ll give a £500 donation to a charity of your choice. 

Transparency in all aspects of how we work with our clients is part of Entropy’s DNA so we will of course be upfront with any referee about the donation and the charity. 

This initiative is our experiment with a different sort of incentivisation to the usual hidden commissions most agencies and consultancies give for new business that can influence their recommendations. We’ve never done that and we never will. 

We’ve given 10% of our profit every year since we launched to charity so in some senses this is our way of extending that principle. As you probably know as well as many businesses needing urgent help in “rewiring” their businesses due to Covid many charities are also facing major commercial challenges which in turn of course affects the people or broader causes they support. 

Entropy works both with companies which have an established eCommerce presence and with those which have none. If a business doesn’t already have a significant digital presence, depending on the scope, we can get them up and running to sell online to take advantage of what will likely be quite a different Christmas for their customers. 

Read more about how we can help and some case studies here.

Please feel free to forward a link to this page to anyone you think it might be relevant to. 

Alex Tait
Founder, Entropy

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