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An ecommerce audit to diagnose an unexplained decline in revenue.


Office Resale, part of Crown Workspace and Crown Worldwide is one of the UK’s top retailers of used office furniture, IT, and equipment. Their ecommerce site allows individuals and businesses an affordable way to purchase high-quality items from top brands.

Office Resale enlisted Entropy’s support to diagnose, define, and propose solutions for a pressing issue their business was facing. They were experiencing an unexplained, significant decline in revenue which urgently needed rectifying. The Office Resale team were struggling to identify the cause of the decline and therefore resolve it.

The business had recently experienced a number of changes which could have contributed to the decline including a reskin of their website, a change in their media agency, and a break in some of their paid activity all of which added to the challenge in identifying the root cause of the decline.


Entropy undertook an audit process to diagnose the decline in revenue. The audit process considered and examined 4 key potential factors:

  • Traffic (e.g. marketing channels, audiences, traffic levels)
  • Behaviour onsite (e.g. UX challenges, drop out and friction points)
  • Products (e.g. pricing and availability)
  • External factors (e.g. demand level and consumer confidence)


Entropy audited each factor to understand any changes and their effect.

In less than 2 weeks, Entropy performed a full audit for Office Resale including analysing external factors and prepared a report with detailed findings and analysis to identify the root cause. Entropy concluded that there were multiple factors with one particular factor driving the majority of the decline.

Entropy provided immediate and clear next steps for the business to take to rectify the issue as well as mid to longer term initiatives to drive the business forward.

These initiatives covered:

  • User experience and CRO opportunities
  • Pricing suggestions
  • Data integrity and measurement approaches
  • Digital marketing optimisation


This project was delivered quickly to enable Office Resale to identify and resolve an urgent issue, as well as having a clear plan to build on in the future.

Entropy has performed audits for many of our clients to identify opportunities and build out a strategic roadmap. Read more about our Digital Procurement and Replatforming services.

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