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Entropy can help you navigate the world of ad verification. We’ll develop with you the business case for ad verification through media efficiency savings and maximising media value.

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Alex Tait

Prior to launching Entropy Alex led the UK & Ireland Media & Marketing Services team at Unilever where he managed the Marketing Services team and was responsible for communications planning across their portfolio. Our team of specialists have diverse and market leading experience across sectors and markets.

Introduction to Ad Verification

Ad verification is a technology to ensure that an ad has appeared on intended sites and has reached the right target audience.


When referring to ad verification there are three core criteria against which media quality is closely measured: Brand Safety, Fraud and Viewability.


Brand Safety


With so much content online, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your ads are placed in the right environment. Understanding Brand Safety measures will help protect your brand and budgets from unsafe or wasteful content.


Ad Fraud


As digital budgets have grown, fraudsters have found ways to cheat the system and make money by taking away your ads’ opportunity to be seen by real people. Not only does this have a negative effect on the entire advertising industry, it adversely affects your bottom line.




Viewability is the concept of how visible ads are on a website or mobile app to users. More information on our approach to viewability and how you can migrate to a trading on viewability model can be found at this link.


Leveraging ad verification to maximise your media value


Ad verification is at its heart getting what you pay for with your media.


We can help you navigate the world of ad verification. With you, we’ll develop the business case for ad verification through media efficiency savings and maximising media value.


Find out here how we can help with your ad verification strategy.


Trade bodies overseeing ad verification


JICWEBS and TAG are two key trade bodies working across ad verification.


JICWEBS missions is to “JICWEBS oversees the independent development of Good Practice and Standards for digital ad trading.” Companies sign up to JICWEBS’ Good Practice and be certified to JICWEBS’ Standards to transparently share their business practices.


We are a firm supporter of the organisations critical role that it plays in the UK’s digital ecosystem and we’ve taken part in many JICWEBS Townhalls. You can read about Alex Tait from Entropy’s participation at one in this opinion piece in The Drum.


TAG (the Trustworthy Accountability Group) works on global level with JICWEBS on a local level to help tackle criminal activity in digital advertising in the UK market.


We’ve close relationships with TAG as it is run by ex Entropy Data’s Nick Stringer who is their Vice President, Global Engagement & Operations.


We can help you get TAG Certification as well as its Certified Against Malware and Certified Against Piracy initiatives.

trading on viewability guidelines

We’ve worked with the UK advertising trade body ISBA to develop a global first: guidelines to get you started with trading on viewability.


Learn more and request your free copy.

Before you contact us hear from some of our clients. We can provide more references on request.

  • "The Entropy team are a pleasure to work with, their experience and insight is always valuable and they have a great passion for the work they do." Fiona Spooner, Global Marketing Director, Financial Times

  • "GDPR is a tough subject to understand but Entropy’s full day workshop was informative and made clear what was expected of us in order to be compliant. The scenarios really helped us to apply GDPR to our own situation and business. I would recommend Entropy to any company that’s looking to gain not only a broader understanding of GDPR, but its implications for their business.” Holly Hall, Managing Director, BIMA (British Interactive Media Association)

  • “Alex Tait has been very involved with ISBA on a variety of issues at the forefront of our agenda over the years, most recently as an advisor and previously as chair our Digital Action Group and valued member of our Executive Committee.” Phil Smith, Director General, ISBA – The Voice of British Advertisers

  • “Entropy have provided very effective and hands-on support. You have been a fantastic addition to the team in the past few months and brought invaluable media expertise. It has been a pleasure working with you. A big thanks from all of us.” Emmanuelle Grimbert, Marketing Director, Danone


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