Marketing Process Development - Integrated Communications Planning and Agile Planning

We are facing more fragmented media channels than ever before. At the same time, opportunities for more precise communication targeting are constantly opening up. In this context, a strong Integrated Communication Plan is more important than ever.

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Alex Tait

Prior to launching Entropy Alex led the UK & Ireland Media & Marketing Services team at Unilever where he managed the Marketing Services team and was responsible for communications planning across their portfolio. Our team of specialists have diverse and market leading experience across sectors and markets.

Integrated Communications Planning

Planning across a multitude of channels and audiences increases the risk of diluting the impact of your brand and media budgets.


We believe good Integrated Communication Planning ensures that, at lower cost, you have a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


A good ICP will leverage and deliver synergies in stark contrast to the fragmentation which often occurs through old-world communication planning. In addition to giving a top-down business and brand perspective, it will take into account the behavioural segmentation of your customers, allowing you to create plans that maximise the impact of relevant touchpoints along the consumer journey.


We will help your team define some simple principles and a process that works for your business and brand, consistently delivering greater impact.


Our expert team have experience developing and embedding similar processes with some of the world’s largest and most progressive brands, including Unilever, American Express and Google.



Agile Planning

The revolutionary impact of Agile is now spreading out from the IT department and is transforming the way entire organisations operate. Marketing teams have a huge opportunity to embrace this change and deliver better outcomes and increased value to their customers.

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