Marketing ecosystem design

In-house vs agency management of technology, digital supply chain vendors, processes and resourcing

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Alex Tait

Prior to launching Entropy Alex led the UK & Ireland Media & Marketing Services team at Unilever where he managed the Marketing Services team and was responsible for communications planning across their portfolio. Our team of specialists have diverse and market leading experience across sectors and markets.

Maximise your ROI by modernising your marketing ecosystem

How to set up and manage your marketing ecosystem is one of the hot topics clients are talking to us about at present.


There isn’t one right model for a brand, but to maximise your ROI, full outsourcing is rarely the best option.


We’ll work with stakeholders in your business to develop the model that is right for you, supported by a business case to demonstrate impact on your P&L. Areas we’ll cover are:


  • Digital supply chain vendor audit, RFP and recommendation.
  • Ownership of data.
  • In-house and agency resourcing.
  • Tech stack vendor assessment and selection.
  • Setting up the optimal resourcing and governance model across central and local market teams.


We’ve developed a proprietary diagnostic tool to guide you through the process of what’s right for your brand. Contact us via the form below for more information.



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