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In partnership with the UK advertiser trade body ISBA we’ve developed a global first – guidelines to get you started with trading on viewability.

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Alex Tait

Prior to launching Entropy Alex led the UK & Ireland Media & Marketing Services team at Unilever where he managed the Marketing Services team and was responsible for communications planning across their portfolio.


Alex also launched the first viewability trading programme in the UK for a major brand.

Ad Verification

Entropy can help you navigate the world of ad verification. With you, we’ll develop the business case for ad verification through media efficiency savings and maximising media value.


Dependent on what your needs are our plan draws from the following areas.


  1. Market Evaluation and RFP Management – We can help you manage the process and make recommendations to fit your requirements.
  2. KPI setting – Once you start working with a verification company, we can analyse the data and suggest KPIs you should be aiming for and help you choose the best viewability definition for you. Then we can work with your internal and external teams to help enforce the agreed standards.
  3. Brand safety – What is an acceptable level of brand safety? Let us advise you on what a realistic level should be.  Depending on your brand, which categories do you want to stay away from and what options do you have for social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook?
  4. Trading on Viewable Impressions – How you can trade only on viewable impressions. What considerations will you have to make for trading contracts?  How would that trading affect pricing?  Get your copy of our guide to trading on viewability here.
  5. Ad Fraud – What can you do to minimise your exposure to ad fraud?  If you are a brand, are you working with publishers who have implemented the IAB initiative ads.txt for example?  Or if you are a publisher, have you added that to your properties?  Are you monitoring or taking action on the types of fraudulent traffic you might be seeing via Botnets, Suspicious Pages, Suspicious Behaviour, Browser Malware or Incentivised Surfbar traffic?
  6. Fake News –Do you want your brand adverts to appear against fake news articles? Let us advise on new AI technology that can help report and prevent that happening.
  7. Media verification audit – We can review your campaigns using your measurement partner and make suggestions for improvements based on the data we see for Viewability, Ad Fraud and Brand Safety.


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